The training program involves several components that are intended to provide trainees with expertise in one or more areas of autism research:

a) one program supervisor directly supervises the trainee’s research program (the program supervisor is the trainee’s thesis / project supervisor from their department / university;

b) three mentors from the ART Program faculty (all three should be individuals from outside of the trainee’s discipline) co-supervise the trainee;

c) centralized training events such as the Summer School Program, & The Donald Cohen Autism Lectureship provide the trainees with core autism research training;

d) graduate school; each trainee (except post-docs) must be enrolled in a graduate program either in basic or clinical research. This will provide course work in basic research methods as well as an opportunity to gain a graduate degree;

e) ART Program Steering Committee will monitor the progress of the trainee, will provide extra input and decide whether the trainee meets specific criteria at the end of the program.

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