Research Assistant position in auditory cognitive neuroscience and autism (Montreal)

Auditory, Brain and Cognitive Development Laboratory (

Affiliated institutes:

International Laboratory for Brain Music and Sound ( and Center for Brain Language and Music (

Montreal Children's Hospital Research Institute (McGill University Health Centre)

Montreal Neurological Institute (McGill University)

A research assistant position is available in the ‘Auditory, Brain and Cognitive Development Laboratory’ ( The lab mission is to better understand the behavioral and brain correlates of human sound processing (such as music and speech) in both typical and atypical development (i.e., autism) in both adults and children. We also conduct studies on learning and brain plasticity across development in individuals with specialized training such as music and dance. To these aims, we conduct behavioral and brain imaging studies using MRI of brain structure (e.g., Voxel-based Morphometry, Cortical thickness, Diffusion Tensor Imaging) and brain function (i.e., fMRI).

The research assistant will participate in various phases of research, including subject recruitment, data collection, and data analysis. Candidates must have experience in working with children (and in particular with autism or other developmental disability and experience in one (or more) of the following: auditory cognitive neuroscience, and brain imaging (structure, functional MRI). Candidates must possess strong communication and organization skills, and previous research assistant experience is an asset.

Please send a cover letter describing previous training and your career goals, CV, and publications directly to Applicants should also provide names of three recommenders and arrange for letters of recommendation to besent separately. The appointment start date is for as soon as possible.

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