The Winter Institute serves as another opportunity for trainees and mentors to meet in person to discuss their projects, as well as recent and relevant research findings. In conjunction with NeuroDevNet and the Sinneave Family Foundation, a 4-day event is organized every two years, comprising of two overlapping events:

  1. a two-day workshop exclusively for ART trainees and mentors – this includes informal presentations by mentors and trainees, and discussions about key research issues, “hot topics”, and controversial hypotheses. There is also one keynote lecture by an ART faculty or a distinguished guest.

  2. a two-day Canadian conference on autism – this event is open to a broader community of professionals and researchers. It targets policy makers, representatives of provincial autism advocacy associations and Autism Society Canada, academics outside the ART Program, and healthcare professionals who are directly involved in the delivery of services to persons with autism.

Winter Institute 2011

Winter Institute 2013 Program

Winter Institute 2013 Digest

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