Nicole Ali

Name:Nicole Ali

Affiliation: Dalhousie University

Discipline: PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology

Project: Online intervention program for educators of children with neurodevelopmental disorders


Ariel Cascio

Name:Ariel Cascio

Affiliation: Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal

Discipline: Postdoctoral Fellow, Anthropology

Project: Research ethics and informed consent practices in studies involving participants with autism


Olivia Conlon

Name:Olivia Conlon

Affiliation: University of Alberta

Discipline: PhD Candidate, Rehabilitation Sciences

Project: Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Do they have a different language/communication profile?

Elizabeth Kelly

Name:Elizabeth Kelly

Affiliation: Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Discipline: Speech Language Pathologist

Project: Evaluation of diagnostic and consultative services to adults living with autism and developing community capacity to provide a medical home for these adults and their families.


Chandra Lebenhagen

Name:Chandra Lebenhagen

Affiliation: Calgary Board of Education

Discipline: Specialist, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Project: Exploring how organizational structure of schools impact the acquisition and generalization of skills for the ASD learner.


Gwenaëlle Philibert-Lignières

Name:Gwenaëlle Philibert-Lignières

Affiliation: McGill University

Discipline: Masters, Educational Psychology

Project: The role of executive functions on musical ability in children with ASD


Jesse Orjasaeter

Name:Jesse Orjasaeter

Affiliation: University of Calgary

Discipline: Masters, Social Work

Project: The effectiveness of participatory methods for gaining first-person perspectives of youth with ASD


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