Carina Freitas

Name: Carina Freitas

Affiliation: University of Toronto

Discipline: Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience

Project: Neuroimaging studies on familiarity and likeability of music in children with autism

spectrum disorder


Teenu Sanjeevan

Name: Teenu Sanjeevan

Affiliation: Bloorview Research Institute

Discipline: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Speech-Language Pathology

Project: Procedural Motor Learning in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Specific Language

Impairment: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study


Chantal Labonte

Name: Chantal Labonte

Affiliation: University of Alberta (Department of Educational Psychology)

Discipline: School and Clinical Child Psychology

Project: The possible impact that dual language learning may have on cognitive, executive, social, and adaptive functioning in children with ASD


Annie Richard

Name: Annie Richard

Affiliation: The University of Melbourne and Autism Research Centre IWK

Discipline: PhD Candidate, Neuropsychology.

Project: Profiling the Broader Autism Phenotype in people with seizures


Navita Dyal

Name: Navita Dyal

University: McMaster University

Discipline: Masters of Engineering & Design

Program Supervisor: Dr. Fleisig

Title of ASD Research: WADE (Walking Analyzing Device) and Autism Spectrum

Disorder: A Feasibility Study


Katherine Tombeau Cost

Name: Katherine Tombeau Cost

Affiliation: The Hospital for Sick Children

Discipline: research fellow, (Not sure if you want my current department which is Psychiatry, or my PhD discipline which is Neuroscience)

Project: Parent profiles in better than expected outcomes


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