“The overall quality and attitude and supportiveness of all of the lecturers were exemplary. Thank you to all for their attention and time & support and expertise”

“All of the content was excellent and provided both enough background and enough detail on current research to be interesting and engaging throughout.”

“Most speakers adapted their presentations to the blend of experiences and knowledge of the students. This was appreciated. Summer school provided an overview of research and was supportive of a commitment to seeing the big picture of ASD and research initiatives. All lecturers were approachable”

“This week was absolutely amazing! I learned so much new information on ASD that is highly relevant for my research and my clinical work. Thanks so much for the outstanding organization of this superb program”

“I thought the program was excellent. I learned a great amount of value and all the instructors were very enthusiastic about their subjects and helped us trainees”

“This is a great program. I have discussed with a few trainees and we all feel this program has played both a key and essential role in our training as young autism researchers”

“I think second year was great. The focus seemed to be less intensive in terms of research but more about real life as a clinical researcher and more philosophical ideas. I think this year really taught me about how to deal w/ grants/post docs/media/ethics and I found this extremely informative and relevant. I am very grateful for this opportunity and for the existence of this program”

“Very good balance between learning new information for lecturers yet being able to interact and implement personal comments or ideas”

“The breadth of training was the most valuable.  I was able to hear experts in different but inter-related areas and gain a broader knowledge base.  I learned some things in other fields that are relevant to my area that I would not have otherwise learned about.”

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