*Note that the travel stipend and studentship are not offered to candidates admitted following the 2016 competition.

Fellowship Funding

One year of funding is provided at CIHR annual rates:

• MD Research fellows ($47,250.00)
• Post-doctoral fellows ($36,750.00)
• PhD ($20,000.00)

All 3-year track trainees have access to $1,250 / yr, (until the maximum of $2,500 in total is reached, or the last year in the ART Program is completed) to facilitate travel to their mentors’ labs, and to autism-specific events, like the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR).

Travel and lodging expenses related to the ART Summer School and the biennial Winter Institute are covered by the ART Program directly, and not through these travel stipends.

Canada-China Norman Bethune Health Research Scholarships Program

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